Thursday, August 7, 2014

When it Was December

I love my family.  I love that my husband and I have made covenants that bind our children to us and make us an eternal family.  That is my motivation for becoming better, THAT is my reward. Eternal happiness.  I don't need recognition or a trophy.  My family is my prize.  I am trying to be better for them.  I love them so much.  I wish this sort of joy for everyone.

 this is my kitchen.  Isn't it pretty?  I know it is pretty small, but I absolutely love it.  I can do anything in here.  A kitchen doesn't have to be huge, ya know.

Awww. Smiley sleepy baby.  She is so happy.

 Happy little 1 1/2 year old (now she's 2...still happy, just a little more volume)

 Another funny face newborn picture.  Yeah, I totally love it.

 Daddy is the best

 Wakeful smiles at this stage melt my heart.  It is usually around this time when I am exhausted from lack of sleep.  Then the baby looks up, and give a half mouth smile, and it is like her way of saying thank you.  I love babies.

 And this is just hilarious.  My mom's neighbor has given me a crocheted hat for each of my babies, and this is by far, the best.

 This boy is obsessed with babies.  he loves loves loves babies.

 Jude did it.  Need I say more?  I love that kid.  I go crazy on a daily basis as a result of him, but I love him to pieces.  I can picture the adult Jude channeling that creative genius into something truly spectacular.

 Again, this boy loves babies!

 More smiles.  Yay!

 cheesy smiles.

 This guy makes me want to be better.  We motivate each other.  Life is so good.

 I love these girls so much.
This is pretty much one of my favorite pictures ever.

Well, well,'s November

So instead of attempting to make a post for every single event that has transpired over the last 9 months, oh dear, I am just going to do one big post of highlights with a few explanations. Today I will see how far I can go.  It might end up being a post for each month.  Whew!  I have a big task ahead of me.  Dang it, being a mom is hard.  Soon I will write a post about the transformation I am trying to put myself through.  Not a physical transformation, but an internal, mental, spiritual one.  I am learning so much right now.  I am trying to very hard to be organized with my time and my surroundings and having more peace within myself.  Ah, but that is a post for another time.  Now is time for pictures.

So here we go.....starting with November.  Eve was born....but that was covered already.
 I love funny face baby pictures.  I can't get enough of stuff like this.

 Awww.  Daphne loves her baby sister (I am so glad she waited until now to pull on Eve's hair.  Kinda frustrating that she has adopted some habits...but we're working on that)

 Yeah.  I kinda love this.

I love the following pictures of the boys holding Eve.  They are the sweetest boys.  They are rough and tumble, and pretty physical with each other, but they really love their sisters.  They are sweet and kind boys, and full of love and concern for others.  Even 9 months later, they are still excited to hold and love their baby sister.

Oh yeah, and Daphne loves her sister too....most of the time.  No, ALL of the time!  Every time she wakes up, Eve is the first person she asks to see.

 This was just cute.

Not so sure you can tell by this picture, but this is so Jude.  He found a marker somewhere....seriously, he has radar for these things.  I intentionally put things away where he can't get to them.  Have you heard the story about what he did with a glue stick?  Ask us sometime.  Anyhow, here he drew all over himself with a marker. 

And here is a handful of pictures from Asher's birthday party.  Have you ever thrown a party 2 weeks after having a baby?  Whew!  I am so grateful for nice family & friends who help me out when I need it.

Yay! month down 8 to go!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Can You Say Slacker?

Seriously...what month is it?  And my last post was in reference to OCTOBER!  Some people blog daily.  Seriously.

So I am going to just start slapping down some pictures and calling it good.  Here we go.

When I willed myself to go into labor, I made sure that it was AFTER the Primary Program at Church on November 10 (my due date was the 11th).  Every year, the children from church do a program on a Sunday in the fall where they show what they have been learning about the whole year.  It is pretty much my favorite Sunday.  Asher has progressed from not participating at all his first year, sitting on the stand, but with his back to the congregation when the children sang his second year, to singing with the children, and ALMOST going up to say his lines this third year.  I can't wait for next year.  We don't take pictures during the program because it isn't a "show" and the church is a sacred place, but I did take these pictures of the kids with some of their friends.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Celebrations And Halloween--October Part 3

One of our family traditions is to celebrate whenever someone leaves the baby stage.  Not a birthday celebration, but rather a celebration of accomplishment.  This time it was for Jude.  Usually, we take them out, just the child, JD & I, but Jude wanted everyone to come with us, and how could we refuse a family ice cream party.  Fun times were had by all.

 And Daphne sure enjoyed her first taste of ice cream.

No correlation at all, the boys had their first dental visits.  The first of several visits.  Our children were not blessed with the best teeth, poor guys.  We have been there several times already, and I am becoming buddies with all of the ladies in the office.

Ah ha!  Official first steps totally unassisted.  Looking back on this now, I can't believe that it wasn't long ago that she learned to walk, because now she is all over the place.

 For Halloween, despite all of the busy-ness, I was determine to make a few costumes, or at least compile items to create a costume out of them.  For Daphne, I found a Wonder Woman onesie a while back, and a gold belt in order to make the headband.  Jude and Silas were happy with costumes from Costco, thankfully, and Asher was set on being Link (Legend of Zelda).  The week before Halloween, I gathered things together to make the Link costume, only a few things really needed to be sewn, so I wasn't too worried.  Until....the day I needed the costume.  That would be the day that Jude walked into the living room and started apologizing.  "I'm sorry mommy, I broke your sewing machine.  I'm sorry,"  He was a bit sad about it, too.  Hmmm.  As I stood up, I reassured him that he probably didn't break it, but as I turned the corner into the kitchen, the evidence presented itself.  Scissors, and the sewing machine cord.  Uh, yeah, safe to say I was no longer able to complete the task of sewing parts of Asher's costume.  I was really grateful the plug hadn't been plugged in yet.
Luckily, my friend Demarae came to my aid and finished Asher's hat and other acessories, as well as made a little hat for me (I remember it has some fancy little name for this type of hat, but I totally can't remember what that name is right now).  And my mom was kind enough to go and get me a new plug.

 These are some of our best friends.  They were the Angry Birds for Halloween, and I hope they won an award for this.  The wife MADE these costumes from things she found at the thrift store.  So Awesome!

Here we are gathering our kids for a picture at the party we went to at church.  I love Halloween.  I wish it didn't sneak up on me the way it always does.  I would love to have to leisure time to make costumes for all of my kids.  Well, maybe I can at least make each of them a costume once in their lifetime.  That should suffice.  Right?