Monday, December 22, 2014

'Twas The Week Before Christmas

Last week, hence "the week before Christmas," I had a jolt of inspiration, and I was able to write out my thoughts.  Albeit, I wrote those thoughts in 5 minute spurts throughout an entire day, on a piece of paper stained with hot chocolate someone had spilled....but I did it!  I wrote a poem that sums up my feelings on Christmas.  I love Christmas.  I love the decorations, the parties, the magic.  But, I know Christmas is so much more than that.  Being busy, and having more and more added to my plate each day in December, was really weighing me down.  This poem was partly, or majorly, for me.  I needed a reminder, and I received it and wrote it down.  I thought that maybe this poem could touch others as well.

Being busy is not the goal.  Enjoy this time, but always remember who it is we are celebrating.

'Twas the Week Before Christmas
By Sarah Chilton

'Twas the week before Christmas and all 'round the dwelling
stuff all over the floor, and something is smelling.
Luckily, it's baked goods, we find is the reason;
cookies and breads, you know 'tis the season.
There are shoes on the counters, and plates on the floor,
I have five little children. Need I say more?
But in seven short days, the magic is here,
with the big guy, the presents, and all the reindeer.
There is so much more to this day than that man,
and I want them to remember when it all began.

A long time ago, in a town unlike ours,
without TVs, or light bulbs, computers or cars,
a baby was born, in the humblest way.
It's for Him that we celebrate each Christmas Day.
He is the gift, the greatest of all,
ever given to help us to rise when we fall.
He was born, lived and died, then he rose once again,
He is Jesus the Christ, the Savior of men.
King of kings, Son of God, The Beginning and End,
but the title He loves most, I believe, would be "Friend."

Though tinsel and paper can rip and be frayed,
our Savior loves all, even those who betrayed.
I sometimes get frazzled with all I must do,
these tasks seem so endless, and they aren't just a few.
And I stop, and I think, I just have to do more,
but I do know deep down, that is not what life's for.
Being busy, climbing ladders, impressing, getting done,
making check lists, and guest lists, but forgetting the One.
There's nothing wrong with the fun and the games,
decorations, activities, and exchanging of names.
But if done in expense, all this time we forget,
and someday we look back with remorse and regret.

"Lift your hearts and rejoice, finding comfort and cheer,"
the angels did sing, and the shepherds did hear.
When life gets too hard, and things get in your way,
Open your heart to the first Christmas day.
We cannot keep hid, this great gift we must share,
and when we do good, Christmas spirit is there.
And for us, share good gifts, not just in December
For He is the gift, we must always remember.

Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

April 2014

Collage make things so much easier.  So here are clusters of events.

The day of Jude's birthday party, I let Asher and Silas secretly build the Lego model that was going to go on top of Jude's cake.  It was the perfect solution since they are great lego builders and wanted the chance to play with Jude's new toy.  Jude loves sleeping in, so they were able to build this set with time to spare, and it made them feel like part of this present was from them.

A friend of mine was about to have a baby, and I love making things for friends, especially if they plan on nursing their babies (because I love making nursing is getting much harder these days, so I might only make them for people I am close to) .  I made the mistake of letting Jude come with part of our "date."  He learned the importance of staying right next to me in the store and that hiding from Mommy in a public place is never a good idea.


This guy is a bit of a ham as well.  Very animated and silly (but he has a serious side, which totally baffles us at times).
 More babywearing.  Can you tell that I love wearing this girl.  wraps, carriers, and pouches are the best thing ever.

I love these smiles. 

East Egg hunt time!  We had a a lot of fun hiding eggs from these kiddos.

March 2014

Time for a photo dump.....

she pushed the chair over to the door and locked her brothers outside.  Brilliant little girl. (she was about 20 months old)

Cute baby with big round eyes.
 I love when they all play well together at the park and want to be good, helpful big brothers to the girls.

Baby wearing, once again, is awesome!
 Almost got a picture with all of them!

 Her personality is hilarious.

Up on the roof of the Oakland Temple with some friends from Church after a Stake Conference.
 Science fun with some of our awesome friends.
 Sometimes I do what she tells me to do...and it is almost always silly and fun.
 Rainy day play

When I fold sheets or blankets, one of two things usually happens.  Either someone will come over and stand ON the blanket, making it impossible for me to fold, or this happens.
 Angry Birds...the non-tech version :)

February 2014

I am getting back on track...hopefully.  I want to get all of the pictures on the blog before the end of the year so I can really start blogging again, and making a habit of it to record events.  I have been lagging in my journal writing altogether, so this is my motivation.  At least I am keeping up on taking pictures as often as I can.

Eve's Blessing Day.  Isn't she lovely?  This was my dress, made by my mom, when I was Christened as a baby (in another church).  We believe that babies are pure, so they have no need of baptism until they reach the age of accountability (eight years old), but babies do receive a special blessing in front of the congregation, usually given by the father, if he holds the priesthood.  Daphne also wore this dress for her blessing.

Eve loves her Namma.  All of my kids love my mom, but Eve has a particular fondness that exceeds that of the others.  She cries when my mom leaves the room while visiting, and sometimes  I wonder if she would choose my mom over me.  It's ok though, I know she loves me.

Daphne loves Namma too.

Jude loves Ninja Turles (and he loves Namma too).
 Playing with friends at the park while the big brothers are playing soccer.
 "I love Eve." --Jude

Family fun time.  Playing games with Daddy (and Mommy) are on the top of the list for how we enjoy spending time together.

Valentine's Day tradition: homemade cinnamon rolls (usually I do sticky buns, but they take 2 days to make...kinda tricky with a bunch of littles and a newborn).

Date night!!!  We did have a chaperone, but it was still awesome.

We go on dates with our kids too!  This little guy chose to go get a donut with me.

Valentine's day dresses made by Namma.  She is an exceptional seamstress.
 Soccer!  Asher and Silas LOVE sports day with our homeschool sports group. 

I love catching love.

And I love holding cute, squishy babies.
 Photo booth fun at the ward dinner.  I love these pictures!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Time to get things in order--January 2014

Let's get down to business.... to defeat, the huns...I mean, uhh, get the blog back on track and updated.  YES!  That is right.  I am finally going to update it.  And I mean UPDATE it.

So one of these days, I will totally write a post about what my life is like.  It isn't a mystery that I struggle.  I have 5 children for goodness sake.  Life is a bit loud, and busy ;)  (fyi, it is kinda a personal pet peeve when people talk about how "busy" they if to imply that no one else really understands what the word means.  Really?  Busy?  Aren't we all?)

Exhibit A:  Look at the chair on the left will you.  Yeah.  We spill a lot of milk around here.  A. LOT. Actually, we just spill.  If it is liquid, it will eventually end up on the floor, at LEAST once a day.  I think I need to invest in some more absorbent towels or something.

Exhibit B: yes, busy being ninja chess masters.  Notice the walls are, in fact, painted, but the blue tape was not yet removed.  I think it stayed up for a few months.

Exhibit C:  I think I have mentioned this child before.  He's "the middle child."  Should I elaborate on this, or does the picture speak for itself?

Aww, look at them all setting together.  And smiling, for the most part.

I have to say, I really wish I had one of these things with each of my babies.  Baby wearing is the best thing ever.  Eve is my cuddliest baby by far (and my others are big cuddlers).  When she cries to get picked up, once she is in my arms, the first thing that she does is hug me.  None of my other babies ever did that.  She actually hugs me.  I love her, I love holding her, and I love wearing her.

I am starting to get into the habit of taking more pictures of me along with my kids.  I am trying to not become one of those people who only has selfies, but selfies were probably invented by a stay-at-home mom because who else would capture those special moments.

She was only a year and a half when this was taken.  I need to resign myself to becoming one with the mess.

Me and my girls.  This picture makes me so happy.  Being a wife and mother truly makes me feel beautiful.
 We take ninja weapons very seriously around here.  Just sayin'.
 During a homeschool activity day, instead of doing the given art activity, he decided to scribble in a book found in my purse.  Thanks buddy!
 Thailand Globe Trekkers day.  Flag and floating candle thing (the name is escaping me right now).  This was probably the coolest craft ever.

And this guy was busy making and flying kites.
 Nice glasses.
 No, he's not wearing some Halloween teeth.  This was in the process of losing some of his own teeth.  Pood kid.
 More baby wearin' love.  Snuggly, sleepy baby.
 Handsome with the spikey hair.