Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Celebrations And Halloween--October Part 3

One of our family traditions is to celebrate whenever someone leaves the baby stage.  Not a birthday celebration, but rather a celebration of accomplishment.  This time it was for Jude.  Usually, we take them out, just the child, JD & I, but Jude wanted everyone to come with us, and how could we refuse a family ice cream party.  Fun times were had by all.

 And Daphne sure enjoyed her first taste of ice cream.

No correlation at all, the boys had their first dental visits.  The first of several visits.  Our children were not blessed with the best teeth, poor guys.  We have been there several times already, and I am becoming buddies with all of the ladies in the office.

Ah ha!  Official first steps totally unassisted.  Looking back on this now, I can't believe that it wasn't long ago that she learned to walk, because now she is all over the place.

 For Halloween, despite all of the busy-ness, I was determine to make a few costumes, or at least compile items to create a costume out of them.  For Daphne, I found a Wonder Woman onesie a while back, and a gold belt in order to make the headband.  Jude and Silas were happy with costumes from Costco, thankfully, and Asher was set on being Link (Legend of Zelda).  The week before Halloween, I gathered things together to make the Link costume, only a few things really needed to be sewn, so I wasn't too worried.  Until....the day I needed the costume.  That would be the day that Jude walked into the living room and started apologizing.  "I'm sorry mommy, I broke your sewing machine.  I'm sorry,"  He was a bit sad about it, too.  Hmmm.  As I stood up, I reassured him that he probably didn't break it, but as I turned the corner into the kitchen, the evidence presented itself.  Scissors, and the sewing machine cord.  Uh, yeah, safe to say I was no longer able to complete the task of sewing parts of Asher's costume.  I was really grateful the plug hadn't been plugged in yet.
Luckily, my friend Demarae came to my aid and finished Asher's hat and other acessories, as well as made a little hat for me (I remember it has some fancy little name for this type of hat, but I totally can't remember what that name is right now).  And my mom was kind enough to go and get me a new plug.

 These are some of our best friends.  They were the Angry Birds for Halloween, and I hope they won an award for this.  The wife MADE these costumes from things she found at the thrift store.  So Awesome!

Here we are gathering our kids for a picture at the party we went to at church.  I love Halloween.  I wish it didn't sneak up on me the way it always does.  I would love to have to leisure time to make costumes for all of my kids.  Well, maybe I can at least make each of them a costume once in their lifetime.  That should suffice.  Right?

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Merilee said...

I was never a huge fan of Halloween, but I absolutely love watching how much Ashilene loves Halloween. Children sure can change our perspective.:)