Monday, December 22, 2014

'Twas The Week Before Christmas

Last week, hence "the week before Christmas," I had a jolt of inspiration, and I was able to write out my thoughts.  Albeit, I wrote those thoughts in 5 minute spurts throughout an entire day, on a piece of paper stained with hot chocolate someone had spilled....but I did it!  I wrote a poem that sums up my feelings on Christmas.  I love Christmas.  I love the decorations, the parties, the magic.  But, I know Christmas is so much more than that.  Being busy, and having more and more added to my plate each day in December, was really weighing me down.  This poem was partly, or majorly, for me.  I needed a reminder, and I received it and wrote it down.  I thought that maybe this poem could touch others as well.

Being busy is not the goal.  Enjoy this time, but always remember who it is we are celebrating.

'Twas the Week Before Christmas
By Sarah Chilton

'Twas the week before Christmas and all 'round the dwelling
stuff all over the floor, and something is smelling.
Luckily, it's baked goods, we find is the reason;
cookies and breads, you know 'tis the season.
There are shoes on the counters, and plates on the floor,
I have five little children. Need I say more?
But in seven short days, the magic is here,
with the big guy, the presents, and all the reindeer.
There is so much more to this day than that man,
and I want them to remember when it all began.

A long time ago, in a town unlike ours,
without TVs, or light bulbs, computers or cars,
a baby was born, in the humblest way.
It's for Him that we celebrate each Christmas Day.
He is the gift, the greatest of all,
ever given to help us to rise when we fall.
He was born, lived and died, then he rose once again,
He is Jesus the Christ, the Savior of men.
King of kings, Son of God, The Beginning and End,
but the title He loves most, I believe, would be "Friend."

Though tinsel and paper can rip and be frayed,
our Savior loves all, even those who betrayed.
I sometimes get frazzled with all I must do,
these tasks seem so endless, and they aren't just a few.
And I stop, and I think, I just have to do more,
but I do know deep down, that is not what life's for.
Being busy, climbing ladders, impressing, getting done,
making check lists, and guest lists, but forgetting the One.
There's nothing wrong with the fun and the games,
decorations, activities, and exchanging of names.
But if done in expense, all this time we forget,
and someday we look back with remorse and regret.

"Lift your hearts and rejoice, finding comfort and cheer,"
the angels did sing, and the shepherds did hear.
When life gets too hard, and things get in your way,
Open your heart to the first Christmas day.
We cannot keep hid, this great gift we must share,
and when we do good, Christmas spirit is there.
And for us, share good gifts, not just in December
For He is the gift, we must always remember.

Merry Christmas!

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Sarah said...

Sarah I love this poem!

It really rings true for me, thanks for sharing.

Enjoy your sweet little family!